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Medellin: Top 5 Experiences

I recently spent 3 days in Medellin and absolutely loved it.  With it’s awesome landscapes, incredible views, great nightlife, and unique culture, Medellin has become one of my favorite cities in Latin America.  Below is my collection of Snapchats from Medellin, and keep reading below for my top 5 experiences from my time there.

My Snapchats from Medellin

And in no order, my top 5 favorite things from Medellin


1. Going to an Atletico Nacional Match

The Estadio Atanasio Girardot for Atletico Nacional vs. Once Caldas

Atletico Nacional is the most famous soccer club in Colombia and experiencing a home match at the Estadio Atanasio Girardot is a must for any soccer fan visiting Medellin.  The atmosphere was incredible, with a great backdrop and extremely passionate fans.  I was also there for the celebration of the club’s 70th anniversary which was a really cool experience.  I wrote about the gameday experience in more detail which you can check out here.

2. Plaza Botero

A sculpture in Plaza Botero in Medellin
One of the bronze sculptures in Plaza Botero

Fernando Botero is a Colombian sculptor and Medellin native with a unique style.  His pieces, which are mostly exaggerated objects or overweight people, have been shown around the world, including on Park Avenue in New York City.  At the Plaza Botero in central Medellin, over 20 of his sculptures are on permanent display in front of the Museo de Antioquia.  To get here by metro, go to Parque Berrio – it’s a quick walk from there.

3. Guatape

View from the top of La Piedra, overlooking Guatapé

A two hour bus ride from Medellin, visiting Guatape is a great day trip that I wrote a more detailed post about.  There are two main highlights.  One is climbing La Piedra to see the view from the top, and the other is exploring the colorful, well maintained town center.  Since it’s so easy to visit Guatape from Medellin, I really wouldn’t leave Medellin without a visit.

4. Nightlife in El Poblado

Residents of Medellin are known to love to party and the best place to experience this is in El Poblado.  The streets near Parque Lleras, especially directly to the south, are filled with bars.  The atmosphere is really fun and loud until the forced closing time of 4 AM, with each bar bumping a distinctive type of music.  In El Poblado, there’s a lot of musical variety, including places that specialize in reggaeton, salsa, electronic, rap, and much more.

5. The Medellin Metro and Metrocable

Floating over Medellin
Riding the Metrocable over Medellin

The only metro system in Colombia, the Medellin Metro is a gem.  The system is frequent, fast, efficient, clean, and has wide reach in the city, making it the best way to get around.  An above ground train covers north to south, with a gondola system going high into the mountains that surround the city.  The system also has a social impact, with the intent of the cable cars to connect some of the poorest areas of the city and make the city more interconnected.

More information for visiting Medellin

Hotels in Medellin: Visit TripAdvisor for the best deals.  I recommend the El Poblado area, which is safe, has lots of restaurants, and has great nightlife.

Getting to MedellinJose Maria Cordova Airport is 45 minutes away from the city and has a range of domestic and international flights, including flights to the USA.  Domestic flights within Colombia are very affordable, my flight from Bogota was only $35 each way.  Bus service is also available, Bogota is 9 hours away, Cartagena is 13.

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