About Me

At the DMZ, South Korea

My travel experiences have really added up over the past few years.  From experiencing the unique culture of Japan to partying in Rio de Janeiro to incredible natural sites like Halong Bay and Victoria Falls to overnight bus rides in Myanmar  to almost getting trampled by a wild elephant in South Africa, I’ve seen and done a lot of things on the road.  I’ve now been to over 50 countries and there’s still many more places I need to visit!

I’m starting this as a way of documenting my experiences, having some fun with the videos and photos I have from my travels, to provide information that can help others with their travel plans, and potentially to expose people to experiences they may not know about (although I think everyone can skip the bad experience I had with that South African elephant.)

Check out my posts and feel free to give suggestions for improvements and new posts!  And for more of my travels, check out my Instagram.